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Corporal Amar, a soldier working for the brutal Admiral Phoneic and his Road to Peace campaign.

Admiral Phoneic, a violent military commander who seeks the eradication of those he deems impure.

Pharaoh Kashus Akkad, the leader of the Shalla people and backer to the campaign.

Emperor Iur, the mercenary king of the Asthul who seeks retribution against the Shalla people.

Emissary Rasu, a Daljos diplomat who is attempting to find peace in this age of strife.


Ashur Shalla, also known as the Shallazant, is the home of the Shalla People.

Aesh Ur, the capital of the Shallazant and home to Pharoah Kashus Akkad.

Ka Asthul, the gray lands of the Asthul, also known as the Thulazant.

The Maltek, the Zarebzant, a grasslands nation of mercenaries and traders.

Hazadra, also known as the Shangozant, is a jungle nation of ancient pyramids and mummified prophets.

The Everbog, also known as the Looshkazant, is a great mirk of swamp. Home to the ancient cthonic race known as the Mahlooshk.

Tarsis, the black sanded region where the First Empire fell into ruin.

Mokumbe, home of the Kumbe people. Ancient islands of fire and earth.


The Worms Below, ancient horrors that wait for the flooding of the world which will ultimately release them from their prisons.

The Heritor of the Worms, the messiah figure of the Asthul and Daljos, a being who possesses the powers of the Worms Below and end the world.

The Road to Peace, a genocidal war campaign that Admiral Phoneic is enacting against the Asthul and Daljos people.

Asthul, semi-insectoid people, enemies of the Shalla.

Shalla, the humans of Zanden, enemies of those deemed impure.

Daljos, fully insect-like humanoids who are persecuted by both Shalla and Asthul.

Mahlooshk, ancient cthonic beings who live within the swamps of the Looshkazant.

Kumbe, ancient ape-like beings who inhabit the Mokumbe islands.

The Stars, tellers of the future.


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